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Environmental policy

Environmental policy
At the Hotel Napoleon, conscious about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment, we have undertaken a program of environmental management to make an active contribution towards the improvement of the quality of life for future generations, facilitating the reduction of pollution and environmental protection.

Towards  eco-sustainability, we are trying to reduce our  impact on the environment, knowing that this is only a small contribution to the cause.

  Type of Intervention/Installments Project Realization
1. Energy Saving
heating high efficiency heaters
  heater with termostatic valve  
thermal insulation Eco insulating glass
2. Elettricità
lightning Low Energy Lamp/High-efficiency
conditioning Conditioner  Class A
equipment 100% energy-star approved appliences and electronics
 3. Recycling of trash
separate collection (lodging) Paper /glass/plastic/oils/special waste
separate collection (rooms) Paper /glass/plastic
work in progress
4.  Water
 Linen Change (100% Pure Cotton) su richiesta del cliente
 babathrooms High-efficiency toilets

Details of  Intervention:
1. In 2009,  we  completed the new heating system, by installing  two high-efficiency boilers, and new electrical radiators, equipped with thermostatic valve.
This means a saving  of approximately 40% of natural gas and the reduction of about 80% of pollution emissions.
2. We  replace  all the hotel’s lamps with  last generation, low power, and high standard  brightness.  For each point light the saving is about 75% in terms of watt  employees.
3. We separate collections of glass, paper and metals, oils, special waste, and  have established working relationships with firms recycling 100% of cooking oil for non-food purposes,  retrieving printer cartridges etc.
4. energy  saving and combating pollution emissions also involves saving water, detergents and electricity  in washing towels and sheets: at the Hotel Napoleon  linen is changed daily,  both for beds and  bathroom.  However, if  our  guests decide  not to change their sheets,  they can leave the  specific label  on the bed. For the towels and bathroom linen, please if a change is wanted,   leave  it on the floor, putting back  in its place the ones that can be used again.
5. Increasing  staff  awareness in order to avoid wastage of resources and energy:  do not print when not necessary, turn off the light,  the air conditioning,  the heating in work environments when not necessary. 
Internet WiFi

Internet WiFi

Internet gratuito Internet gratuito: Dos PCs con internet con conexión rápida estás a disposición de los huéspedes gratuitamente.

Internet wifi Conexión Internet Wi-Fi gratuita: Todas las habitaciones, los salones, el Bar y el Restaurante están equipados con una conexión Wi-Fi.

Sky Hotel

Sky Hotel


Sky Hotel Rome

We are glad to inform you that The Hotel Napoleon is equipped with the digital satellite television platform Sky.
The whole Sky programming is available in the main hall of the Hotel, where all the most important sports events are  regularly broadcast: the most important soccer games, the most important meetings of Rugby, Olympics, etc. to be enjoyed together with fans coming from all over the world.
In addition to the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) you can now watch for free in your rooms many satellite channels.

We hope you will enjoy yourself!