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All accommodations, Check In any time, Check Out before midday.
The price is per room.
Yes, it is included and it is an American buffet beakfast.
Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.
Yes, there is a small nice restaurant in the hotel.
No, they have not any terrace.
Yes, some rooms have a balcony.
Yes, almost all rooms be non-smoking.
Yes, there is satellite LCD television in all rooms.
Yes, there is in all rooms without any extra charge.
Yes, we have a free internet point.
There is a public garage near the property at extra charge.
At the Termini station or the concierge staff can make reservation for a car rental or for a private car with driver.
We have a limousine service on request from Ciampino and Fiumicino Airports.
In front of the hotel.
No, sorry they are not allowed.
Internet WiFi

Internet WiFi

Free internet  Free Internet Point Two Internet stations with high-speed connection are at our guests’ disposal without charge.

Internet Wifi  Free Internet Wi-Fi connection All the rooms, the lounge, the bar, the restaurant, the hall are equipped with a Wi-Fi high-speed connection.

Sky Hotel

Sky Hotel


Sky Hotel Rome

We are glad to inform you that The Hotel Napoleon is equipped with the digital satellite television platform Sky.
The whole Sky programming is available in the main hall of the Hotel, where all the most important sports events are  regularly broadcast: the most important soccer games, the most important meetings of Rugby, Olympics, etc. to be enjoyed together with fans coming from all over the world.
In addition to the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) you can now watch for free in your rooms many satellite channels.

We hope you will enjoy yourself!